Kubot Michelle

Michelle Kubot

Director of Marketing

Name:Kubot Michelle
Date of birth:6 Years
Address:Palm Beach, FL

Iā€™m a senior marketing executive with a 12 year track record developing successful multi-channel marketing strategies. My experience focuses specifically on exceeding acquisition and ROI goals for healthcare companies with multiple locations across the country.

Backed by:

  • 7 industry certifications in PPC, SEO, CRO, email, HTML and display advertising
  • 25 news articles ā€” from Healthline to US News & World Report
  • 47K marketing industry followers on Twitter
  • 12+ years proven experience ā€” including a Fortune 200 and managing an $8 million budget
  • An MBA, where I graduated top of my class



1. University of South Dakota

4.0/4.0 GPA

2. University of Missouri

3.8/4.0 GPA



1. Ambrosia Treatment Center

Vice President of Marketing

Revenue from marketing channels grew from a few thousand to more than a million dollars a month under my leadership. All while spending three times less than the previous marketing agency.

Achieved by:

  • Executing a comprehensive SEO plan that includes technical, link building, social, local and content creation strategies
  • Rebuilding Google and Bing PPC campaigns to maximize revenue, while maintaining a 400% ROI
  • Testing and optimizing smaller platforms from Facebook, Quora and Youtube to affiliates and niche directories
  • Creating a :60 TV spot and directing national media buys
  • Managing all print materials for the sales team and direct mail campaigns
  • Building and inspiring a lean team and resourcefully utilizing appropriate technology

2. Hair Club

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

At Hair Club, I lead the online team and strategy driving the majority of company sales. Leads and sales consistently and significantly increased every year in all digital channels – email, PPC, display and SEO.

Specific KPIs:

  • Lead the online marketing team and strategy for a 38% increase in leads & 24% increase in sales year-over-year
  • Managed an over $8 million digital marketing budget
  • Directed advanced, large-scale SEO audits, projects and maintenance
  • Renovated email program to cut costs in half, while yielding seven times more sales
  • Developed & designed 80+ strategic microsites
  • Tested landing pages constantly to improve conversions a combined 7000%
  • Reinstalled analytics to ensure accuracy and created actionable KPI dashboards

3. Florida Power & Light

Interactive Project Manager

My role at FPL involved successfully managing three key online projects ā€“ a mobile website, an application redesign and an A/B homepage test. I also took initiative to create a data-gathering process and dashboard to accurately plan online resources and made strategic recommendations to management on the direction of interactive initiatives.


4. Slay & Associates

Director of Online Marketing

During my time at Slay & Associates, I moved from Online Marketing Specialist to successfully running all online initiatives for the company and clients – including website design, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email, Conversion Rate Optimization and Display Advertising.