Why Online Reviews Are the Key to Winning the SEO Battle

Search engine optimization (SEO) has quickly grown from a nice marketing tactic to become a cornerstone of any effective online or digital marketing strategy. While many business owners are no doubt familiar with the basic premise of SEO, earning a spot on the first page of search returns often remains a more difficult undertaking than they might have imagined. Merely using managed content to drive SEO is not always the most beneficial strategy. Soliciting and cultivating customer reviews that showcase a business in the right light can hold the key to ensuring SEO strategies and other online marketing efforts will be met with greater success.

Separating Local SEO Tactics from General SEO Strategy

Through google search engines, individuals are looking for varying information concerning various products, services, institutions, and people among other things out there on the web. However, the manner in which individual searches using the keywords explains whether he is targeting local SEO or general SEO. This article is geared towards highlighting the main differences between local and general SEO.