Digital Marketing Updates | Week of 8/16

Digital Marketing Updates | Week of 8/16

I am starting a new series outlining the most important digital marketing updates of the week. It’s all you ever need to read to take advantage of digital marketing advancements and opportunities.

1. SEO

Google used to show 7 local organic listings. Now they only show 3. That means local rankings are even more important. On top of that, Google removed the phone number and Google+ links.

What are the results? 21.5% of clicks wen to local listings, but only 26% of the local clicks resulted went directly to the website. The rest went (at least at first) to Google Maps.

The bottom line: Ranking well in Google local is critical for any business with a physical location – ensure you are listed consistently on all key listing sites. Get Google reviews to get stars, these reviews are critical. Also, don’t worry about Google+, it’s officially dying.

Get the full details: Juris Digital | SE Round Table

2. Performance Marketing | Email, Display, Social & Remarketing

Headway Digital has launched NativeWay, a native advertising platform that combines display, video and mobile solutions using programmatic buying.

Native Display Ads dynamically displays a marketer’s ad to fit the look and feel of each publisher site. Each creative includes an image, logo and up to 200 text characters.

The bottom line: Test it out! Even if display ads haven’t worked in the past. Creative is so much easier and native ads, like Facebook, always deliver better results.

3. Paid Search

Amazon discounted product ads, but launched text ads. The ads link to an external website. In fact, Google also feeds these ads. You can pay something like 10 times less and get better positions if you run these ads in Amazon directly.

Get the full details: PPC Hero

The bottom line: For any product e-commerce, create ads directly in Amazon. Take advantage of the cost-savings with the light competition.

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