Digital Marketing Updates | Week of 8/23

Digital Marketing Updates | Week of 8/23

Here’s the second weekly addition of Digital Marketing Update. Light on actionable advancements, but enough to keep you busy until next week.

1. Paid Search

Google is rolling out structured snippet extensions to give advertisers more control (really) over what shows up in the structured snippets in text ads. You’ll be able to select the type of values — such as amenities, product types, brands — that makes sense for your campaign and add the values you want included under that list, in the order your want.

The bottom line: You should always take advantage of PPC extensions, this is no expectation. Set it up for your campaigns in Adwords ASAP.

Bonus: New home services ad program in beta, but only in San Francisco. Local plumbers, locksmiths, house cleaners and handymen can fill out this form to get background checked and profile page. Everyone else should stay tuned for a more complete roll out.

Beta Home Service Ads Example

2. Performance Marketing | Email, Display, Social & Remarketing

Google rolled out new designs for interstitial ads (also known as full-screen ads) that run on apps in the AdMob network and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Their UI team tested ten designs to find the version that increased clicks and conversions for advertisers. Both image and text ad designs got a face-lift.

Before & After Examples

The bottom line: App install formats have driven more than a billion downloads across Android and iOS. Advertisers looking to increase app downloads can use these new designs automatically through the AdMob network in AdWords. If you’re a developer, these new designs will be available to monetize apps with DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

3. SEO

Every two years Moz gathers data to gain insight into the factors that may help—or hurt—a website’s visibility in organic search.

The bottom line: Focus on building quality external links and quality content.

Full Disclosure: The survey came out two weeks ago, but I thought it was a more relevant update than anything that happened this week.

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