Digital Marketing Updates | Week of 8/30

Digital Marketing Updates | Week of 8/30

Last week was chalk-full of updates in the digital marketing world. Don’t worry though, all you need to do is read below to stay at the top of your game and understand the new opportunities.

1. Paid Search

Google Shopping Adds Automated Bidding Options
Those that manage Google Shopping campaigns will now have a slew of new bidding options in AdWords, including maximizing clicks, enhanced CPC and optimizing for ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

  • Takeaway: If you are using Google Shopping ads, try the new bidding options out. Even if you think your current bidding option is ideal, it is worth a test. When running our ads on Facebook, I assumed the option to optimize for ROAS was the best way to ensure the most sales for every dollar. While we did achieve a great ROAS, we were never able to scale. I then tested running enhanced CPC instead. With the new bidding option, we were able to more than quadruple our sales volume, while maintaining the highest ROAS of any advertising channel. Get testing!
    [If you aren’t yet using Google Shopping ads and you sell a product online, the huge takeaway for you is to get started].
  • Learn More: Search Engine Land Article

2. SEO

mobile-expanded-sitelinksGoogle Expands Sitelinks on Mobile SERPs
Google wants its web search experience to be unified across all devices.

  • Example: When you Google “Search Engine Watch,” you’ll see sitelinks for categories, such as SEO, PPC and News. Now, PPC and Analytics can be expanded to display a handful of recent articles, eliminating the need to navigate through the Website.
  • Learn More: Search Engine Watch Article

3. Performance Marketing | Email, Display, Social & Remarketing

Facebook’s Personal Assistant (M) Launched Inside Messenger App
Beyond the artificial intelligence found in Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana, Facebook’s version is managed by actual humans. That allows M to actually complete tasks on the users behalf, like booking a trip or purchasing gifts.

Though M is just launched the initial test last week, the possibilities for businesses are very exciting — including selling products, booking brick-and-mortar appointments, customer service and, of course, advertising. Virtual assistants could easily become the new search.

Do you have something to add to any of the above updates? Or do you think another update from last week was worth mentioning? Let everyone know in the comments.

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