Media I’ve Been Quoted In

Media I’ve Been Quoted In

As further proof I know what I’m talking about when it comes to marketing, here’s a growing list of 20+ articles I’ve been quoted in.

Why MBAs Hold a Career Advantage Over Business Majors by U.S. News and World Report

What is a business technologist? by Rasmussen.edu

What Will Advertising on Smart Speakers Look Like? by Techrepublic

Keep Customer Service From Killing Your Brand by Martech Exec

How to Overcome Top Social Media Challenges by The Manifest

2018 SEO Predictions by Creative Click Media

5 Technologies Your Business Should Already be Using by Cup of Joe

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business by WAH Success

Experts Share Their Tips on Using Social Media by WAH Success

Native Advertising Experts Share Best Practices by Outbrian

5 Tactics to Ensure Others Don’t Screw Deadlines by Wrike

14 Ways to Use Vanity URLs by Rebrandly

How an MBA Can Lead to a Successful Marketing Career by Top MBA

Why Web Development? by Savvy Coders

31 Top Marketers Reveal Digital Marketing Tips by AAAHA

26 Content Strategies & Tips from the Pros by Fit Small Business

Social Media Marketing Tips with Limited Budget by Blerrp

How Sucking on a Lemon Fights Leukemia on Social Media by Healthline (A top 300 website in the U.S.)

10 technologies you should be using in 2018 a white paper by MRC

Management Quotes by Fit Small Business

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency by Traffic Jam Media

How Will Facebook’s User Feedback Change Ads? by Go Mash Marketing

Pros Share 10 Tips for Innovating Up by Cerkl

The 5 Ws of Native Advertising by Vendasta

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