My Data Portfolio

My Data Portfolio

Data projects can be hard to visualize, but here are some picture samples of the analytics configuring, data-crunching and A/B testing that has made up a large part of my professional career.


I reinstalled clean Google Analytics for Hair Club with custom configurations and reports – such as, what field on a form caused drop-off and what percentage of leads come from each online asset. The below report calculates the dollar value of each page. This involved calculating the lifetime value per product, the product mix of each channel and the likelihood of sale based on lead or appointment from that channel.
Google Analytics Content Efficiency Sample Report


At FPL I created a form on SharePoint to address a major shortcoming with how requests for the Interactive Department were being managed. From this, I created a dashboard that became invaluable to management for resource planning and interdepartmental funding.
Interactive Web Requests Analysis Sample

Dashboards (Continued)

As Director of Online Marketing at Pelopidas, LLC. I created numerous custom dashboards for clients. The example below combined data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of media for a specific statewide tax initiative.
Media Dashboard Example

A/B & Multivariant Testing

In the last seven years I have ran thousands of site and email tests that have significantly improved conversion rates. Learn More >>.


Before & After A/B Testing

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