Separating Local SEO Tactics from General SEO Strategy

Separating Local SEO Tactics from General SEO Strategy

Through google search engines, individuals are looking for varying information concerning various products, services, institutions, and people among other things out there on the web. However, the manner in which individual searches using the keywords explains whether he is targeting local SEO or general SEO. This article is geared towards highlighting the main differences between local and general SEO.

What is General SEO?

What an individual uses keywords to search for a specific product or service without showing the intent to specify the location of product or service, he is said to be using general SEO. From the keywords used, it is clear that the person is looking for information rather than specific locations with such information. For example, when an individual searches for pizza recipes, he does not specify any location but instructs the search engine to provide him with information about how to make a pizza. This means that the system will give him the most relevant information about pizza recipes. It is upon the search engine to use several factors such as inbound links, outbound links, and even keywords to determine which data to provide.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO occurs when an individual searches for information from the google search engine with clear instructions on location. The keywords used in the local SEO contains specific locational differences or places within the globe. For example, an individual might look for information about the best dental clinic in Miami, Florida. Here, the keywords are particular. The person is not only searching for the best dental clinic, but he is searching for the best dental clinic in Miami, Florida, which is a specific place on earth. The search engine will determine the best information to provide to the person searching depending on the keywords used and page ranking.

Business Reviews vs. Content

Business reviews profoundly influence local SEO while general SEO is profoundly affected by the content that has been published on various websites on the web. A local business that has been receiving a large number of reviews is likely to get a large number customers because local SEO looks at Google business reviews to determine the place within the region that is highly rated by the individuals. Business owners should, therefore, encourage business reviews for their business to increase their ranking in a specific area. On the other hand, general SEO plays a crucial role in optimizing content that has met specified criteria such as keywords and grammar among others.


Local SEO mostly refers to SEO that has been localized to a specific area. This means that the information provided on the web can only be useful to the people in that area. Without using the keywords that pay reference to that geographical position, that information will not be displayed and therefore will not assist any person. On the other hand, general SEO does not target a specific geographic position. The information on that web is optimized such that any person around the world can use it. General SEO grows with time and expands to all places on the web and can be accessed by use of the right keywords.


Local SEO is geared towards establishing authority and getting into the local listing packs. This means that the content has been optimized to help the web to rank high in the local search engine. For example, a retail store will optimize its site so that it can rank high among other retail outlets in the same geographical location. General SEO does not target ranking high on the local search engine, but its target is to rank as high as possible through the use of a specific set of keywords.


Local SEO is mostly used by businesses and organizations that are within a limited geographical place. Most of the users are physical enterprises in a particular region that are competing to control the market by attracting a large volume of customers. General SEO has used websites that have not limited themselves to a specific geographical region.

As a business person or a marketer, it is necessary for you to understand the difference between the local SEO and general SEO as it will play a key role when marketing your business. Businesses limited to a particular region should use local SEO while multinational organizations or online platforms can use General SEO for marketing purposes.


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