What You Missed at LeadsCon 2013

What You Missed at LeadsCon 2013

Leadscon 2013 is just wrapping up in New York today. If you weren’t able to attend, here’s a combined cheat-sheet of what I took away from all the different speakers.

Full disclosure: This is strictly from the perspective of a corporate online marketer.

General Conference Summary

Set clear roles and goals for each vendor and for each channel for both quality and quantity. You will eventually tap out a vendor/channel and that’s when optimization should be the focus. Because digital performance marketing is so important, in-house expertise is key for vendor management and the predicted growth of efficient and compliant company-run campaigns. (Speakers have seen Google punish them organically when SEM spend is lowered, so spend diversification is key to sustaining despite Google. Though Google may even get into the space themselves…potentially).

  • MOBILE: Clearly the hot-topic of the conference. Mobile is crucial and growing fast. Responsive design is ideal.

  • Omni-channel measurements is a growing industry focus.
  • SOCIAL: Social sources can yield the most loyal consumers. Pay attention to what people are saying online and use it. Could we provide more and better options for upset consumers to try to avoid negative content posts? Also, Twitter just released a CPL direct response tool.
  • LEGAL: The law is and will continue to change rapidly. Brand is fully liable for what affiliates are doing. Recheck everything vendors are doing is compliant and stay up-to-date on the laws. Ensure contracts put liability on the vendors. Beyond legalities, affiliates can hurt your brand or submit fake leads. Regular, transparent check-ins are a requirement. A lot of times there’s 4th and 5th parties involved where things can get off track.
  • WEB TO PHONE: If a user gets a call within 5 minutes of form submit, they are 100% more likely to convert.

  • Make sure information is used, not asked for again over the phone.
  • Ideal experience is to talk to the same ACE and to give a number to call them directly.
  • Value doesn’t come from ideas, it comes from execution.

Major Takeaways

  • Vendors cannot be set it and forget it.
  • There could be big benefits from a real-time CRM (like Salesforce).
  • All creative moving forward should be responsive.

Action Items

  • Create non-brand microsites to affiliate in-house. (Could include both brands).
  • To balance efficiency and volume: Analyze and set very specific, data-driven and standardized thresholds for each channel and clearly communicate that to vendors.
  • Add copy to the website to explain how/what calls a lead can expect after web form submission to improve call connection rates. Adding a more comprehensive What to expect section to the Thank You page could help show rates.
  • Look into Twitter DR tools.

Would I come back?

No knock against the panels and speakers, but the big benefit, of course, was the 5+ hours networking. Let’s see how some of these vendor campaigns and connections pan out…

PS: I posted this all from my phone! Nice app WordPress.

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